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16 Inch 17 Inch 18 Inch 19 Inch And 20 Inch leather steering wheel covers


One Color Wheel Cover Starting At $55.25

Two Color Wheel Cover $60.25

Shipping $6.75

Ok, so if you have found this page chances are you need a Wheel Cover for something a little different. Maybe a Boat, Tractor or Classic Car.

There is no extra charge for the wheel cover until it exceeds 18 inches . Our goal is to get you a Wheel Cover that fits tight and looks great. Now with that being said you have to do your part. We need an accurate measurement, the better the measurement the better the fit.

There are two measurements that we need.



The diameter we need is the outside to outside of the wheel typically about 15" to 16" a little more the older the vehicle.

Now the circumference: The best way to do this one is to wrap either a piece of string or a piece of paper around the grip of the wheel and the lay it out flat and measure it. Usually this measurement is about 2 3/4" to 4" once again the older the vehicle now the Smaller this will be.

Remember that accuracy is the goal. Please do not guess or approximate the size. Here is a video to help explain the measurement we need to get you the best fitting and best looking Steering Wheel Cover.

How To Measure Your Steering Wheel

How To Tips For Installation

Our Custom Leather Steering Wheel Covers made by Wheelskins are the finest, most luxurious Genuine Leather Steering Wheel Covers available. They are individually hand-crafted in California of choice domestic cowhide, especially tanned for Wheelskins. Our exclusive patented lacing hole reinforcement system ensures a tight custom fit on your Custom Steering Wheel.

Our leather Custom Steering Wheel covers are easy to install. Wheelskins are the best way to customize and upgrade your Steering Wheel. They are also the premier option for replacing a damaged or worn original factory leather covered wheel.

(Euro Tone) Optional Two Color Steering Wheel Cover

Add a splash of color to your Custom Steering Wheel Cover with the EuroTone Style. Choose any two of our 15 leather colors to create a special look.

This option adds $5.00 to the base price.

Optional Perforated Leather

Take your Custom Wheel Cover one step further with the Perforated Leather. To create a sporty look and texture for your Custom Interior. We can perforate the Top & Bottom, the Sides or All Around


This option adds $6.50 to the base price.

Wheelskins come in 15 colors

Wheelskins FAQ's

1.Special Size/Custom Size

If your vehicle is not listed, or if it requires a Special Order size. See the video on how to measure your wheel. When measuring around the grip, measure at the top of the wheel and around the highest point of the slight finger bumps that are on the backside of most wheels. Don't measure at the thumb rests that are on many modern wheels at the 10 o:clock and 2 o:clock positions. The leather is elastic enough to stretch over the thumb rests.

2. Do you make Steering Wheel Covers to fit my Classic Car, my Golf Cart, my Boat, my Motor-home, etc?

Yes, we make Steering Wheel Covers to fit any wheel up to 22 inches.
Please click on All Others For custom orders and instructions on how to measure your steering wheel.

3. What leather colors are available?

Click on colors to see the leather colors that we offer.
Send samples:
Please remember that the color representations will vary from monitor to monitor. We will be happy to send you actual leather color samples so you can make the proper choice for your vehicle. Email us or call 1-800-707-7072 and ask for the color samples you wish to see, and we will send them to you right away.

4. What does Euro-Tone mean?

That is two colors sewn together Top and bottom is one color and the sides are the second color this will mean there are 4 seams.

5. What does perforated mean?

That is the small holes punched in to the leather, you can have perforated leather on the (top and bottom) (sides) or (All around) for a sporty look.

6. Does it come with the needle and thread?

Yes, It does, they are on the top of the box in a separate compartment.

7. Do I take off the old leather first?

No, leave it on.

8. How are Wheelskins Steering Wheel Covers installed?

Each cover comes complete with a nylon lacing cord, a needle, and illustrated detailed installation instructions. The holes are pre-punched with a patented lacing hole reinforcement to prevent tearing during installation. The time required is approximately 60 minutes.

9. My steering wheel has wide spokes. How do I deal with the spokes during installation?

The illustrated installation instructions show you how to lace around the spokes, how to skip holes at the spokes, or how to use dummy stitches at the spokes. We suggest the dummy stitches if your spokes are 2� wide or wider where they connect to the wheel.

10. How do I clean and maintain my Steering Wheel Cover?

Your Steering Wheel Cover is made of leather that is specifically tanned and finished for Wheelskins. We recommend that you gently use hand soap and water to remove any surface soil buildup. Avoid all purpose cleaners and protectants that will remove the special finishes and coatings on the leather. Also, most leather cleaners are made for the extremely hard finishes found on upholstery leathers, and these cleaners are unsuitable for the Wheelskins leather. In addition, many perfumes, colognes, and after-shave lotions contain alcohol and other chemicals that could harm the leather. We recommend that your hands be free of these substances before you drive.

If you have any questions: Please call 1-800-707-7072

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