2 Hole Thin Bottom Stainless Steel Plate Frame
The Concours Collection

Premium Stainless Steel license plate frame made of 

18 Gauge 304 Stainless Steel.

Now in Carbon Fiber

Available In 

Stainless-steel license-plate-frame
This License Plate Frame is the perfect final touch in dressing up the exterior of your car.

If it takes you three trips around the parking lot to find the perfect parking space; if you religiously have your car washed every week; or if you treat your vehicle like a member of the family - then clearly, our products are for you. High quality accessories for the serious car addict. Made to our stringent standards that exceed the demands of vehicle manufacturers we supply, our products must meet rigorous production processes that ensure long lasting exterior beauty and durability. Our quality policy backs it up - each product is guaranteed for 10 years of exterior use.

Camisasca is regarded for their premium line of Stainless Steel License Plate Frames that have been embraced for over twenty years by people who are serious about their vehicles! We also offer other durable vehicle accessories, from decorative valve stem caps - Each piece is designed with the same care that you'd expect from a quality Camisasca Product.

Shipping Cost $7.15

Prices For License Plate Frames

Brushed 304 Stainless Steel License Plate Frame $25.95 Each

 Black Powder Coat over 304 Stainless Steel License Plate Frame $25.95 Each

 Mirror Bright Polished 304 Stainless Steel License Plate Frame $29.95 Each

Black Pearl 304 Stainless Steel License Plate Frame $44.95 Each

Faux Carbon Fiber 304 Stainless Steel License Plate Frame $49.95 Each

Real Carbon Fiber License Plate Frame  $99.95 Each



Our manufacturer goes to great lengths when producing these license plate frames to keep the highest standards that car enthusiasts demand.
That is why they were chosen as the OEM to all of the German vehicles manufactured here in North America.
Hundreds of hours of testing assures the quality will last for years to come, and we back that statement with a

10-Year Guarantee

Care Instructions

Wash your license plate Frame with mild soap and water is recommended.
Always dry with a soft towel or microfiber cloth.
Do not use steel wool soap pads or any other harsh detergents or degreasers.
Waxing and polishing the License Plate Frame is not needed if you frequently wash your car.


Bug Shield
License Plate Protector
Bug Shield $7.95 Ea.
The license plate protector ( BUG SHIELD ) is available in both 2 hole and 4 hole mounting styles, and will fit with our line of stainless steel plate frames for a more secured and finished look.

This license plate protector is made from clear Polycarbonate and will provide maximum protection from rocks, road dirt, and of course bug splatters. They are impact resistant and will not chip, crack or yellow over time. They also protect your registration tags from tampering and theft.

Anti-Theft Hardware Security Cap

Set Of Two $14.95
Anti-Theft Security Caps are an ingenious simple way of protecting your license plate and frame from theft, by not allowing access to the head of the screw. Anti-Theft Security Caps are compatible with our 14 piece Hardware Kit and most other mounting hardware. Includes special spanner-style wrench

14 Piece Stainless Steel Hardware Kit

stainless steel hardware
14 Piece Hardware Kit $3.50 Ea.

Two 12-24 X 3/4 Screws
Two 12-24 Nylon Insert Locknuts
Two 12X 1" Screws
Two M5 X 10mm Screws
Two M6 X 16mm Cheesehead Screws
Two Flat Washers
Two Black Nylon Spacers

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18 Gauge
304 stainless steel
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