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 Poly Carpet - Brushed Suede- Velor- Sedona Suede Or Dash Tex

Poly-carpet Dashboard Covers

This choice of dash-cover martial is the classic carpet the old favorite the one that your Mom has on her dash

If you would like a little more modern take a look at the brushed suede or the dashTex 

100% recycled material - Foss Fiber Eco-Spun Carpet

Dash-Board_Covers-All --Cars-And-Trucks
Brushed Suede Dashboard Cover Color
This was is my favorite when it came out about five or six years ago.
I have had it on my car ever since.
the brushed sued look is very elegant.Suede on your dash is a very good thing.
one of my favorite things about the brushed suede dash board cover is the way it eliminates the glare from the windshield not to mention it look cool.



Velor Dash Board Covers

The Velor dash cover like the Poly Carpet is the old school choirs and if that is what you are going for this could be the perfect one for you.

The Velor line of dash covers has the most color choices in the dash designs line of dash covers so if  color is impotent to you then you will find the color for your car right here.


Sedona-Suede Dash Board Covers
This will be my next dash board cover.
the Sedona Suede is now my new favorite. It is very similar to the Brushed Suede but it has gone one step further, it has been perforated  with little holes to give it a modern look.
The perforation on the dash can make your car look up to date and stylish just like the new cars of today.



Dash Tex Dash Board Covers

The dash Tex is the newest addition to our line of dash covers.
the only drawback to the dash Tex would be the limited color selection.
But on the upside there is no better option when it comes to cutting down the glare that is produced from the windshield
The dash Tex materiel has the apperince of a worven febrick dont let the pictures fool you there are no perforation with the Dash Tex what you see in the photo is the efect of the woven fabrict.
New style dash covers

Nissan Dash Board Covers

Mini Cooper Dash Board Coversdashboard covers

A great way to protect your dashboard from UV rays that will make your dash look older then it is. Will help to prevent discoloration and  cracking, also will  reduce  glare from the windshield  and  reduce the  heat build up in the car. Remember to choose a dark color if glare is a concern

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Available For All These Vehicles and More

Alfa Romeo, American Motors, Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley , BMW , Buick , Cadillac , Chevrolet, GMC, Chrysler, Daewoo , Daihatsu , Delorean , Dodge , Eagle, Ferrari, Fiat , Ford , Geo , Honda , Hummer , Hyundai , Infiniti , International , Scout , Isuzu , Jaguar, Jeep , Kia , Lamborghini , Land Rover , Lexus , Lincoln, Lotus, Maserati, Maybach, Mazda, Mercedes Benz , Mercury, Merkur , MG , Mitsubishi , Morgan , Nissan , Oldsmobile , Peugeot , Pininfarina , Plymouth , Pontiac , Porsche , Renault , Rolls Royce , Saab , Saturn , Scion , Sterling , Subaru , Suzuki , Toyota , Triumph , Volkswagen , VW , Volvo , Yugo, WRX
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