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How To Videos

This is a video we did to answer questions
on the installation of Wheelskins Leather Steering Wheel Covers.
If you would like to make the video larger
click on the YouTube logo in the lower right corner.
This video will help us help you
on some cars the steering wheel needs to be measured
 for a variety of reasons and like I all ways say
 "the better the measurement the better the fit"
This is a video overview of the Custom Seat Covers we offer
the Seat Covers in this video are Sheepskin, Wet Okle and my favorite the Micro Fiber
a special thanks to Will for turning me on to this song.
On this video is a great example of what we can do
for an old warn-out seat. The before and after on this is fanatic.
The seat cover material is a Micro Fiber very similar to Suede but cleans up extremely well
this Volvo seat was making the driving experience less the Farfegnugen
This video I called "The Worlds Best Seat Cover"
This is the most difficult seat we have come across
in 17 years of putting on Seat Covers. This cover is going
 on a Mercedes SL.  We usually do not have to take the seat out, but the design of this seat
is so unique to get it right we had to think out side the box.
If we can do this just think how good we can make your seat look.
What can I say "I love these Stainless Steel License Plate Frames."
or as some folks call them Tag Holders I can't tell you how many times I have talked to people that have tried to use a Chrome Frame only to have it rust out after a year or two. When they find our Frames and see the quality they know they have found the frame that will last a life time. Made in the USA. doesn't  get any better then that!
We now have the long awaited BLACK security cap.  At the time of this video they were not available.  We will update the page to add the option for the Black Cap. I just got the first ones in and they are very cool looking.  Good idea for those Real Carbon Fiber Frames. You  wouldn't want one of those to get away from you. 
Lloyd Mats Takes Safety Seriously